Winter Olympic Athlete Proves that Dick Jokes Are Universally Hilarious

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, a good ol’ dick joke is sure to lift your spirits. Until today, though, ignorant Rob wasn’t aware just how popular said dick jokes were around our wonderful globe. Enter Norwegian speed skater Havard Bokko. Bokko, who took home the bronze in the 1,500 meter speed skating event at the 2010 Vancouver Games, is back at the Winter Olympics, representing his home country in Sochi. While taking residence in the Black Sea resort town, Bokko is having himself quite the time with—among other things I’m sure—his Instagram account.

Simply put, he did to the Sochi cauldron exactly what we (men) all thought needed to be done when we first laid eyes on it.

havard bokko sochi cauldron

Bokko wasn’t the only one to reference the possibilities of the cauldron being viewed as a rather phallic object.

Ah. Dick jokes.

Rob Stott
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